First and foremost, please refer to us as “” not “MIDRANGE-L”. MIDRANGE-L is our flagship mailing list, not the name of the organization.

When you quote a message posted to a mailing list (such as MIDRANGE-L) or make reference to anything related to, please include the name of the mailing list in all capitals and the URL for our website.  The capitals are important to help people differentiate the number one from lower case “L”.  The mailing list names are identifiers, not proper names.

For instance: If you make reference to the Midrange Systems mailing list, the following style would be appropriate “… as noted in MIDRANGE-L ( …”.

It is also requested that David Gibbs ( be notified of any references published (please include publication, date, and pages of the reference) and, if possible, be sent a copy of any printed materials.