Confidential Information respects the privacy and rights of individuals and companies.

People participating in the mailing lists should make every effort to prevent their own confidential, or personally identifying, information from being posted to the list.

However … If confidential, or unwanted personally identifying, information is inadvertently posted to a mailing list message … we will make every effort to remove the confidential or personally identifying information.

This includes, but is not limited to…

  • Passwords
  • User ids
  • Unpublished phone numbers (subject to limits, see below)
  • Unpublished API references
  • Copyrighted content (subject to fair use laws)

We will also remove an entire post (or thread) if it was posted accidentally (sent to the list instead of an individual).

Removal of an entire post (or thread) for other reasons, while possible, requires a very strong justification.

We will remove phone numbers from posts within limits.  If a phone number is consistently included in a post, the number is considered public information.  If a phone number is shows up in a post accidentally, we will remove it on request.  If your phone number is not considered public, please do not include it in your email signature line.

The mailing list archiving software used has functionality to automatically exclude content in messages that are identified as email signatures as per RFC 3676. By adding ‘– ‘ (dash dash space) as the first line of your signature, many email programs and the software we use, will ignore any content after that point.

After modification or removal, we will make every effort to request the page be re-indexed by Google.

PLEASE NOTE: While we will try to accommodate the request, it is not possible to remove archived messages from every site on the internet.

To make a request for removal, please contact with the URL and justification for the removal or modification request.