Mail Security is vehemently apposed to spam.

To help prevent spam, we have implemented the following procedures.

  • All our mailing lists utilize a “Closed Loop” confirmation process for all subscription requests. This means that a person must first request a subscription, and then confirm their request, before the subscription is activated.
  • Only subscribers are allowed to post to a mailing list.
  • A persons first post to most mailing lists require that the message be approved by the lists moderator.
    • This prevents unscrupulous people from subscribing, posting spam, and unsubscribing. In most cases, after the first message has been approved, all further messages are accepted by the list software without requiring approval.
    • Occasionally, the moderator may review post to ensure the person is sending the message to the appropriate list. If the message is clearly off-topic, the message may be rejected with a note indicating a better place to post the message.
  • Whenever possible, email addresses in the mailing list archives are masked so they cannot be deciphered by web crawling ‘bots’. Some older messages may contain unmasked email addresses … we are working to resolve that issue.
  • With few exceptions, all files attached to mailing list messages are removed prior to being redistributed. This prevents viruses from being sent to the list.
  • Clam Antivirus scans all messages sent to prior to being processed.
  • SpamAssassin also scans all messages sent to prior to prevent spam.
  • All message sent out from are signed with DKIM signatures.
  • publishes SPF records in the DNS. Most anti-spam filtering software can utilize this information to validate the authenticity of the sent message.
  • DMARC policies are published with a recommended action of quarantine.
  • Anyone found harvesting email addresses from the mailing lists will be permanently banned from all lists hosted by

If you receiving a spam message that you suspect was the result of your posting to a mailing list, please contact that lists moderator and/or .