Mailing lists

You can request two types of mailing lists …

  1. A simple announcement list to broadcast meeting information & other important bits to your membership. This type of list is being used with great success by The Omni User and the Washington Area Midrange users group (WAM). These lists are usually named ‘<lug name>’.
  2. Private discussion mailing lists for small organizing groups in your LUG … your BOD, annual tech conference organizing committee, etc. These lists are usually named ‘<lug name>-<committee name>’.

To utilize this service, contact me and I can get it setup. Once the list(s) is setup, I’ll provide you with a URL for the list administrative interface and a password. You then import your membership email roster into the list and you’re ready to go.

As with all hosted mailing lists, no subscriber lists will ever be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

I can host up to three lists for each LUG for free. If you need more than three lists, let me know and we can discuss it.


To request a change in the announcement or board of directors discussion list, we will require separate emails from at least TWO of the user groups current board of directors sent within a 48 hour period.