Mailing Lists mailing lists are offered as a service to the IBM i technical community.

Guidelines for participation in the mailing lists are posted monthly.

The following, general rules, apply to all lists hosted here…

  • Professional behavior is expected from everyone.
  • When quoting messages, do not quote the entire message.  Just quote the parts that are needed to make the appropriate references.
  • When starting a new discussion thread, DO NOT reply to an existing message to get the correct email address.  When you reply to an existing message, most email clients and the list archiving software think that the new thread is part of the old thread, and will display it as such.
  • Please do not post links to premium content on other websites.  Not everyone has access to that content.  When you do post a link to another site, consider including a synopsis of the content so people can determine if the link is worth pursuing.
  • While the participants of this list are happy to answer questions and help solve problems, it is greatly appreciated if you do some of your own research beforehand.  Before posting a question for the first time, please take a moment to review Eric Raymonds excellent FAQ “How to Ask Questions the Smart Way“.
  • When posting to the list, any personally identifying information in your message will be included in the list.  Email addresses, however, are masked when being formatted for the list archives.  If you include a standard signature in all messages, consider using the internet standard for signature separator (as defined in RFC 3676) of ‘– ‘ (that’s dash dash space).  The list archiving software will automatically stop including the message when it encounters the marker.
  • By posting to this mailing list, you are granting and David Gibbs ( non-exclusive, unlimited, rights to republish the contents.
  • Collecting or “Mining” of email address from the mailing lists, or any related web archive, is strictly and explicitly prohibited (not to mention that it is extraordinarily unprofessional).