Using a News Reader

Many of the mailing lists are available via a nntp news reader using the GMane service.

Using this service reduces the amount of email you get, while allowing you to read & reply to messages indvidually.

Please note that you still need to be subscribed to the list you want to participate in, although you can disable mail delivery using the list options page.

To disable mail delivery do the following …

  1. Go to the lists options page at<listname>
  2. Login with your email address & password (there will be an option to retrieve your password.
  3. Once on the options page, scroll down to the “Mail Delivery” option and set it to disabled (you can also disable it for all subscriptions if you wish).
  4. Click the Submit my Changes button.

Once this is done, you will no longer receive individual or digest messages, but you will be able to post.

If you have any questions, contact