Not Receiving Your Own Posts

Some people have noticed that they don’t always (or ever) receive copies of their own posts to the mailing lists.

There are many reasons this could happen…

Gmail Users

If Gmail (both the free and business versions) receives a message that is ‘from’ your email address, and it sees a corresponding message in your sent folder, it will discard the received message and just leave the message you sent in your mail folder.

As far as we know, there is no way to alter this behavior.

Mailing List Settings

You may have changed the settings for your mailing list subscription such that the software will not send you a copy of messages you post.

If you think this may be the case, visit the mailing list settings page and review the settings for your subscription.

Firewall / Spam issues

Some companies have their spam filters set to automatically reject mail if the ‘from’ address is a user inside the companies domain. Please be aware, the mailing list software sets the from address to the sender unless the senders domain has DMARC policies of quarantine or reject. To mitigate this, you will need to ask your mail administrator to whitelist list messages. Information needed to do this can be found on the Firewall & Spam page.